Understanding Personal Care vs Home Care and the Services

There’s no doubt about it as we age, we are all going to at some time need either an agency or personal care staff to assist us with her needs. Research shows that more than 7.6 million Americans are now suffering with chronic health conditions and acute illnesses. The U.S. Census Bureau reveals that nearly all these individuals receive some type of in-home care. If you consider those people receiving care directly through a family member, then this number is much higher and up to 20 percent within U.S. households. The main group of people receiving this type of care are seniors. They are actually the top group of individuals residing in assisted living and long-term care facilities. If you are looking for personal care and trying to distinguish between the exact responsibilities within the healthcare industry, here are some things to know. What most don’t realize that some agencies are license to provide both services such as personal care and healthcare. You may ask yourself, what’s the difference?

Personal care

This type of service is often provided by a certified nurse assistant known as a CNA or a personal care assistant or PCA. When receiving this type of care you can expect to receive assistance with cleaning, daily tasks, bathing, toileting, cooking and grooming. A personal care assistant is there to remind an elderly patient to take their medication, yet they cannot prescribed them with medical care.

Home health

These agencies are designed specifically for seniors who need consistent medical treatment along with personal care that is typically handled by a registered nurse or administrators within the healthcare environment. Federal and state laws regulate all of these agencies to be certified Medicare and Medicaid centers. This basically means that the organization is receiving federal financial assistance through available programs. There are plenty of personal care melbourne options to choose from to get assistance.


When one is paying for home care there are many different options they can take. For those that have the funds, it is possible to pay directly out of your pocket. Another option is Medicaid or Medicare. In order for any agency to administer services they must meet federal standards and hire skilled nurses. When receiving home health care services, you can use private insurance or policies from groups such as Medigap. This is for seniors who rely on routine medical assistance, but the insurance cannot pay for personal care.


Most in home care agencies on the market will come directly to a client’s house to conduct a cost-free needs assessment. This involves meeting with a family member inside the parents’ home. The goal is for the staff to see how the home is built, it’s layout, and what one might require when receiving care. Once the assessment is done, it will determined what exactly is required in terms of daily hours, how many days and additional assistance.